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Week 1

The first week is for students and mentors to get acquainted with each other and prepare their proposals for the following week. I was assigned to a team with Maria Hormaza, Cailin Campbell, and Ethan Nasiff. Maria and Cailin focused on fx, and Ethan Nasiff will handle the lighting. I will focus on compositing and live-action shooting.

We searched and explored several ideas in the brainstorming stage, such as candy, Lego, fragrance, and Lipstick. While brainstorming, I used to consult many references and then record every sudden idea that came to me. Finally, we decided to make an advertisement for a Portable speaker - JBL Charge 3. 

Finally, we decided to advertise a Portable speaker - JBL Charge 3. The mission of this advertisement is to showcase the product while showing its portability.

Mood Board

Since the protagonist of the advertisement is a speaker, I focused on the rhythm and articulation of the camera movement when creating the preview. I use one of somei's works for reference, which has a very smooth and rhythmic camera movement. He is one of my favorite Motion graphic artists.

Story Board (by Cailin)

The current plan is to have a total of five shots, two fx shots, two models with lighting shots, and one integration shot, which is my main work part. In my idea, the whole film is dark style with blue and purple light, so the last shot of the actual scene should be in a dark indoor environment. The brick wall will give an industrial style; I think it can be a good match for JBL's style. Also, perhaps a guitar could be added in the background, which is a signature element of JBL brand and is used in many JBL commercials.

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