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The Virtuous Queen of Han

Wei Zifu is a virtuous empress, and the first empress who committed suicide in Chinese history as well. This film tells the story of her tragic life.


In 139 BC, Princess Pingyang chose young gentlewomen to present to the emperor. Wei Zifu was in imperial favor at the banquet and then entered the palace.

03/04 公元前128年春,卫子夫被册封为皇后,为人良善,推崇节俭

In the spring of BC 128, Wei Zifu was crowned to empress. She was kindhearted and called for thrifty.

05 公元前92年,巫蛊之祸爆发,太子欲遭构陷,因而起兵

In 92 BC, as the disaster of witchcraft exploded, the crown prince was framed and then intended to start a military action

06 武帝受奸人挑唆,命人收回皇后玺绶

Deceived by treacherous people, Emperor Wu ordered people to retrieve empress's jade seal.

07/08/09 同年七月,卫子夫深陷绝望,以死明志

During the same year in July, Wei Zifu was in deep despair, showing her aspiration with death.

10 武帝醒悟后,后悔万分,将卫皇后葬在长安城南桐柏亭,追封谥号为“思”

After Emperor was disillusioned, he regretted about his doings and buried Empress Wei in Nantong Bai Ting in Chang'an City, conferring her a posthumous title "si" .


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