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Planet Paige - NASA x SCADpro

SCADpro: SCAD partnered with NASA to create some fresh and innovative ideas to raise awareness and communicate the importance of the ICESat-2 scientific mission.


Paige follows the ground tracks of the ICESat-2 satellite as it constantly measures the Earth, no matter the weather, season, or conditions.

Planet Paige is a brief, looping animation designed for social media platforms. It visually demonstrates how ICESat-2 consistently measures Earth's elevations across different biomes throughout the year, regardless of weather changes.
In this project, I serve as the director, having conceptualized the idea and crafted the mood board. Furthermore, I drew the concept design to steer the subsequent production process. I also played a role in the layout, modeling, texture, and lighting aspects. Specifically, I created several tree, stone, and grass models, introduced variations by adding a bump on the ground, and developed the laser effect using a specific texture in Redshift.

Software: Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects

Renderer: Redshift


Director: Qinye Xiang
Technical Directors: Madison Snow and Qinye Xiang
Character Design: Adriana Manrique
Character Modelers: Faith Zeng, Rebecca Lau
Character Riggers: Rebecca Lau, Faith Zeng, Mason Smigel
Character Animators: Kazue Tng and Joshua Bates
3D Environment Modelers: Madison Snow, Kazue Tng, and Qinye Xiang
2D Background Designer: Cai Burks
2D FX Artist & Compositor: Dee Divakaran
Sound Designer: Caleb Green
Professor: Dr. Deborah Fowle


"Planet Paige" was officially released by NASA's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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