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Ancient Ruins - 2D Matte Painting


Inspired by the desert with broken statues in Blade Runner 2049, I created a desert scene with ancient ruins. 
At the stage of designing the picture elements, the desert gives people a mysterious feeling. Still, the surface of buildings and other objects in the desert will be more worn due to long-term wind and sand erosion. Therefore, I used ancient Greek-style stone pillars as the main element. Greece has many Mythologies and Gods. Thus, its architecture will quickly create a sense of awe and mystery. I also refer to some actual Greek ruins, such as the Acropolis, the Temple of Poseidon, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and made some of the columns broken and partially buried in the sand to make the buildings look more like ruins. Some weeds are also added.
I used an analogous color scheme for this painting. Yellow and gold will be the priority colors, and warm tones will dominate.
For the composition and rhythm part, I put several pillars in different sizes, shapes, and positions to create unity and variety simultaneously. Pillars are placed in the front, middle and back views, thus giving depth to the picture. Also, the order of the placement of the columns, combined with the direction of grass growth, can form a visual guide to make the audience look into the distance.
I chose the time at sunrise for this scene. The sun rises from the left side of the picture, illuminating part of the ground. The pillars will also be illuminated, but there will be some light blocking. I like the shape of the light and shadow. Compared with the direct sunlight at noon, the sunrise light will create more layers and more complex light and shadow on the object.

Software: Photoshop




Reference Picture




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