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Week 1

The initial week is designated for students and mentors to become familiar with one another and to prepare proposals for the subsequent week. I've been placed on a team alongside Andrea Rosado, Avery Chang, and Storm Slawson-Villasmil. Avery and Storm's primary area of concentration is in the realm of FX, while Andrea will be responsible for managing the lighting. My specific focus within the project will involve compositing and live-action shooting.

We searched and explored several ideas in the brainstorming stage, such as a shopping cart, skateboard, and race car. While brainstorming, I consulted many references and recorded them. Finally, we decided to make a commercial with a rusty texture changing for a bicycle. Therefore we call ourselves Team Steel.

Here is the Miro board I created for brainstorming.

Draft Pitch

After the meeting on Wednesday, we created three concepts about bikes

  1. Rusty bike - A rusty bike pulls out of a forgotten corner, and as the bike moves and the tires turn, the rust from the bike flies off revealing a brand new pretty bike

  2. Electric bike - A vintage bicycle is going down the street during the daytime, then the time and environment change to the city at night where the vintage bike transforms into an electric bike and speeds up leaving a trail of lighting behind

  3. Mystical bike - The bicycle is going down the path, controlled by magic yellow particles as it spreads life ​​


You can find the presentation PPT here.

According to the professors' feedback, we decided to dive into the first concept, which is the Rusty bike.


Our team agreed to meet on Saturday afternoon for scouting. We wanted to find abandoned corners for the first shot and the city view for the second and the third shot. Those are some of the pictures we took.


After getting some inspirations from the scouting, I made a storyboard.

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