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Week 9

The final week is coming! Thanks for the polishing suggestions the mentors gave us. These comments were not only helpful in improving the shots, but also played a crucial role in my future career development.

  • For shot 1B

    • Color Correction

    • shadow

  • For shot 2

    • need better tracking and change the size of the bricks

    • the pedal is too black, and aligns so perfectly

    • need to blur or further adjust the ambient occlusion at the bottom of the bike tire

    • DOF - "Make sure you use something like pgBokeh so it doesn't give you artifacts, right now it feels like it's just making the edges of the pixels out of focus and keeps the core in focus (like the marked area). Make your actor's shoes your reference and make sure that area of the bike is as defocused as the shoes." - Mazyar

Shot 1B - Color Correction & Shadow

1. Color Correction

After despill the green color by using keylight node, part of colors is still green. Therefore I extracted the green part in high saturation mode and lower the green down.





The green handle on the set is brighter than the CG handle, so I need to lower the reflection of the hand down.





I also did some area color adjustment

2. Shadow

Based on Storm's roto, I refined the shadow roto and adjusted them in different render passes.

Shot 2 - Camera Adjustment & Bokeh

1. Camera adjustment

Because some was slipping in this shot last week, I adjusted the camera angle and enlarged the floor to make the bricks in real size. Therefore I recreated the projected model and assembled more brick floors.

2. Bokeh

To get a better defocus result, I replace the zdfocus node as bokeh node.

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