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Week 8

I made a list last week about the works need to be done in compositing, and the mentors also gave us several valuable suggestions besides those.

  • For shot 1B

    • the hand looks magenta compared to bike

    • the shadow on the bike handle need to be added

  • For shot 4

    • revise transition part

    • fix match moving

Shot 1B - refine roto of left hand

Garbage mask for left hand


Match hand with CG bike handle

Node Tree

Shot 2 - Background Projection & Refine Floor & Roto

1. Background

There are two obvious protruding pillars in the background, so I planned to project it on 3 models.

I separated the photo footage in Photoshop into three layers, and set the wall layer as the clean plate


Layer1+2: pillar layers

Layer3: clean plate

Then I created three models for each of these three layers in Maya,

2.5D projection in Nuke

2. Floor


We are using the scanned floor model. However, the scale of it is limited and it can not be a seamless map either. I decided to extend it in Photoshop based on the 4k map rendered by Avery.

I repeated the map 4 times and painted to remove the seam.



2.5D projection in Nuke

3. Feet

I refined the keying and roto part of the feet which is not been covered by the green screen.

Then I used a keyer node to extract the shadow in the green channel since it had the strongest contrast between floor and shadow.


Shot 1A - Clean-up Moving Person

First, I tracked one point under a sharpen node. I picked a clean area in frame 50 to create a static 2D paster. Then I used the traker node providing the motion for the paster.

Since the clean-up area is out of focus, the tracker is unstable. I also keyframed in another transform node manually to make the paster looks more nature. A plug-in from George was helpful for aiming the right position



Node Tree

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