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Week 7

My team members updated the fx and lighting parts in the past week, and I reframed the first shot and extended the footage of the last shot to make it have a smooth ending motion. Here is the feedback from mentors after they watched our latest version of the animation. I will mainly list some suggestions related to my work.

  • For compositing

    • pay attention to the white balance throughout the film

    • tracking problem may be solved in the post by match-move.

  • For the color grading, we should enhance the continuity of each shot. There should be a light transition from overcast to shining from shots 1 to 3. Then the last shot could be the unique and the most shining one.

  • For shot 1B, we need to add some roto animation to make the integration better

Logo Design

I created a Logo for our team.

At the ideation stage, I plan to design a vintage-styled logo. and the overall shape of the logo should be a horizontal rectangle. The internal elements show a trend to the upper right since we will put the logo on the left side of the composition. This will help to balance the left and right of the composition. Then Avery mentioned maybe we can integrate a bike tire into the logo. I really like that idea, so I started to draw sketches.


Design Sketch

Final Design

Compositing Test

Shot 1A - update tracking

I think because of the backlight environment, the noise keeps shaking so the track cannot be stable. I tried several method of tracking, then chose the best camera and handed it off to Storm. He did some keyframe adjustments in Houdini to make the bike stick to the ground more.

After Storm rendered the footage, I integrated the bike into the background plate.

During the presentation on Tuesday, mentor Mazyzar mentioned a method to fix the jitter in the post. I tried to do so, and it did help a little. 

First, I created a tracker node and tracked one point based on the background plate. Then I set the transform mode as remove jitter. I put the node on both background and bike render to stabilize them.

I also added the vignette effects for every shot.

Shot 1B - refine roto and keying

I refined the roto for this shot, and added the lightwrap effect.

Shot 2 - reprojection

Avery rendered a flat brick texture for me so I can use it as a projection floor.

Then I integrated the human and bike elements. Adjusted the color, composition and defocus effects.

Color Grading

I did the color grading in Davinci. I tried to match each shot and created a light transition from the first to the last shot.

Compositing List
  • Shot 1A

    • clean-up humans in the background​

    • bike tracking fixing​​​

  • Shot 1B

    • refining​ keying and roto

    • roto shadow

    • adjusing the reflection color on hands

  • ⭐Shot 2
    • background projection​
    • refining roto
  • ⭐Shot 3
    • color correction
  • Shot 4 (Andrea)​
    • plate clean-up​
    • match move fixing
    • Logo reveal
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