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Week 5

We were focusing on reshooting last week. Also, there is some scale issue while importing the camera from Nuke to Houdini, so we have no time to render the integration elements before the presentation. Thanks to the mentors who still gave us some advice.

  • For Shot 1 A, watch out for the timing. It's too long on the character

  • For Shot 3, Rust peels faster than camera movement. Slow it down

  • For Shot 4, light transition from shot 3 to 4 needs to be fixed. The hero shot need to be more stable

Shot 4 Stabilization

I tried several methods to stabilize the footage. Then I compared them and picked the best effect.

Method 1 - Davinci

Method 2 - Nuke 2d tracker

I tried both one-point and two-points stabilizers in the Tracker node. The two-point mode was a little bit better than one point.

Method 3 - Nuke 3d projection

This is the best way. I set the original footage as a card and projected it to the tracked camera. Then I duplicated another camera and smoothed the motion curve.



Rough Comp & Editing

I integrated the rendered bike into each shot in Nuke, mainly adjusting defocus and motion blur at this stage.

Then I attached them in Davinci. I adjusted timing accoding to the feeling to overall video rhythem, and also added further stabilization for several shots.


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