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Week 2

While debriefing with mentors on Tuesday, we got some valuable feedback about the concept, camera, and mood. The highest priority we need to think about is whether there should be a real person to ride the bike or not because we want the bike to move in the video. Therefore we started to consider two methods to deal with this.

Here is the moodboard and storyboard I made for each plan

1. Meta Human technique and real-person acting


2. Luminous particle motivate bike to move


We reported the above two plans to the Professors at Thursday's class. Then They suggested that we deal with the "ghost bike" problem, which was a person standing at the side of the bicycle and pushing it, so we can make the wheel rotate but get rid of the direct contact between the human and the bike.

Final Pick: person reviving the bike while pushing it

Video Reference

I found some pretty good compositions in those two videos, and those also helped me thinking in a cinematic vibe.

I got the reference of camera movement from some commercials of VanMoof. Even though VanMoof is a modern and energetic brand, the camera movement in their advertisements can still be adjusted into elegant and vintage vibe. 

I kept the camera panning in each shot. For the close-up shots, I set the camera movement as fast-slow-fast, so the audience can focus more on the peeling effects. This also keeps the continuity of each shot.

Rough Shooting

In order to get a detailed PreVis, we went back to the first location we scouted in River Street and shot according to the existing storyboard.

For the Live-action Previs, I picked the most satisfactory footage for each shot and edited them together. I also did some time remapping to make the camera movement more rhythmic. Color grading was applied so it could provide a better and cinematic look.

For the 3D previs, I was responsible for creating the camera animation in Maya and export as fbx to Storm. He imported into Houdini and got the previs since he did the rig in Houdini.

Live-action PreVis

Final PreVis

(integrated with ref, 3D and FX)

I also took 360 HDRI at that location. This image is more convenient for Look Dev artist.

HDRI 1.jpg

We went to film studio where there are many buildings dedicated to filming.

However, official shows there will not be open for student project untill Oct.24. We are trying our best to get it.

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