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Week 4

This week we will focus on perfecting previs and try to make the first version of lights and materials.

Compositing for Shot 2

The second shot will show the buttons and lights on the top of the speaker. So we let the middle button light up in the shot, and then a series of tiny dots next to the control speaker light up in turn.
Ethan rendered two versions of the speaker button lights on and off, so I can control precisely when the lights come on in nuke. I added the depth of field and glow effects for the light button, and I put a dark grey background to make the shot not looks so dark and be in high contrast.

Compositing for Shot 4

Since the speaker and the vellum effects were done in different software, we decided to composite them in Nuke. I slowed the vellum speed and changed the highlight value to make it look more matte.

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